Why All our Clothes are Made of Pure Natural Materials

Cotton and wool are some of nature's own natural materials. They are our favorites! They help you keep warm without being overheated due to the fact that you skin and body can easily breathe in them. You avoid the feeling of being "locked in". When you body is good, when it is not "locked in", damp and clammy you will feel much better. 

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This year we decided to carve pumpkins for the very first time. It was super fun and "hyggeligt" as we would say in Denmark and we have decided to make this a pumpkin carving a tradition. The results differ quite a lot and match our own personalities pretty well. We decided to take a picture with one of our pieces - the oversized blazer in light indigo blue, which also comes in dark blue.  However, taking the perfect picture is never super easy and we spent some time getting it just right!  Balancing the pumpking and adjusting the light... Close up of the scary pumpkin Beautiful details on the blazer Finally got it! Happy Halloween to you all :)

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Cakes of indigo

Cakes of indigo. The leaf has been soaked in water, fermented, mixed with lye or another base, then pressed into cakes and dried, ready for export.  

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