Why All our Clothes are Made of Pure Natural Materials

Cotton Flower, Piece of Blue

Mother Nature's own Natural Materials Beat Man-Made Materials by Several Lengths 

Back in the days there was only one way of making clothes; by using the materials that nature gave us, e.g. cotton and wool. And if you were lucky, had the time and the money, you could choose to dye the clothes with natural dye color, e.g. indigo. 

However, that is no more the only way. Today mankind has succeeded in making synthetic materials such as acrylic and polyester. This is great in many ways, however there is one big disadvantage: our skin cannot breathe in these materials. And when our skin cannot breathe, well, then we get warm faster and quickly feel damp and clammy. This results in our clothes getting worn out faster due to sweat and bad smell. I think we all know the feeling of being "locked up" when wearing a plastic rain coat. Personally, this is completely fine by me, 'cause my rain coat is thin and most importantly: it is waterproof, and I would rather feel "locked up" than being completely wet! :) However, as soon as it stops raining, then I would rather not wear my rain coat anymore - as soon as I walk just a bit fast I quickly feel warm and clammy. 

When I am shopping new clothes I always look over which material(s) the clothes are made of. If the clothes are made out of polyamide, it is quite okay - even though this material is man-made - 'cause my body can breathe. However, if the clothes are made out of acrylic or polyester I'll stay far away! I always choose clothes, that are comfortable to wear, i.e. comfortable for longer than the time it takes me to try it on ;) Cotton is my number one favorite. Cotton keeps your body warm without overheating it. Wool is perfect fo the more chilly days where I am extra sensitive to the cold. Silk is ideal when I think I deserve a little extra. It is luxury; delicate and yummy. For me silk is self-indulgence. 

Summa summarum: Mother Earth's own natural materials (and some man-made ones) have the ability of letting our bodies breathe when wearing them. In general, this results in our bodies feeling good and well and thus we do to. Of course, we can all feel a bit too warm and start to sweat, also when wearing e.g. cotton and wool. However, our bodies can easily, and rather fast, get rid of the heat again, even without us taking any of our clothes of. 

This is exactly the reason why all our clothes are made of pure natural materials - primarily cotton and wool - so that our bodies can easily breathe and we'll be left with a feeling of relish. 


Sheeps Wool, Piece of BlueCotton Flower, Piece of BlueIndigo Dyed Yarn, Piece of Blue