Jackets and Cardigans for Men

Mens Cardigan and Jackets from Piece of Blue 

Piece of Blue is luxury knitwear for quality-conscious men. The high quality and timeless design can be used for many years and all year round. With Piece of Blue, you can always keep warm in the strong quality knitwear that is always produced in pure cotton or in a mix with wool. The unique indigo knit comes in such classic and timeless styles that a Piece of Blue knit cardigan or knit jacket for men can be used for any occasion. So, whether you want a unique yet relaxed look a chilly summer day or you just want a warm knit as part of your winter wardrobe, you will always be able to keep warm while at the same time being well-dressed in a knit from Piece of Blue. 

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Piece of Blue is characterized by the blue indigo cotton knit for men in several shades and with different structures and work patterns. The yummy cotton qualities are dyed and washed to create the basic blue tone and then stonewashed for creating the unique raw and masculine look. The blue indigo-dyed cotton fabric is used to create the classic indigo knit in rough textures and patterns such as the classic Piece of Blue cable knit. In the men’s collection you will find both cardigans, jackets and pullovers in the unique indigo blue color. All of them in a very special expression that oozes love for material and design. Piece of Blue is for the man that values good quality.