Jackets and Cardigans for Women

Piece of Blue Jackets and Cardigans in Knitwear for Women

Piece of Blue makes knit jackets and cardigans in 100% cotton for the quality and style-conscious women who want a jacket and/or cardigan that can be part of the wardrobe many years to come. The material is high quality and the design is completely timeless though still unique. Piece of Blue jackets and cardigans are characterized by the blue indigo color in several shades and the diversity of feminine structures. The processing of the jackets and cardigans is based on a long process that begins with coloring of the yummy cotton qualities and then a prewash of the pure cotton to create the basic blue tone. Finally, stonewash is used to create the unique raw but feminine look. The blue indigo-dyed cotton fabric is used to create the unique cotton jackets and cardigans for women with fine textures and patterns. 

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The indigo blue cotton jackets and cardigans for women are available in the Piece of Blue collection all year round. You can use the knit jackets and cardigans as an outdoor jacket on a chilly summer day, or as an indoor alternative to a blazer on a cold winter day.

The timeless design makes the jacket and cardigan fit into your wardrobe all year round. You can use the blue jacket and cardigan just the way that you want. You can choose a more relaxed and oversized version or a more shaped and feminine short one – or both. No matter what, the jacket and/or cardigan will remain a classic in your wardrobe. You can find the entire jacket and cardigan collection for women online.