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A family owned fashion company with strong traditions

Piece of Blue Denmark has its roots in Silkeborg and draws on ancient traditions and values ​​back from its beginning in 1955. Quality and craftsmanship are the brand's identity and the high-tech production methods developed year after year continuously to offer only the best and most exclusive knitwear. The expression is classic Danish and Scandinavian and the timeless design has no seasonal trend or volatile fashion. This categorizes Piece of Blue as slow fashion manufacturer of exclusive Danish knitwear for men and women - a timeless design and knit aimed at everyone who whats to stays up to date both in fit and style. 

Piece of Blue - exclusive design and timeless clothing

The brand has from the beginning used high-tech methods to develop their products and they do not compromise either in materials or design. Their knit is of high quality and is characterized by continuous use of the blue Indigo color used in a wide range of different shades. Then stonewashed is used to create a more unique and raw expression. The techniques and structures are explored and developed all the time from a natural passion because each product from Piece of Blue have its own unique and personal expression. You can find the entire collection from Piece of Blue on their official website and webshop.