Let your knitwear feel your love…

When you buy luxury goods, you want value for money. Piece of Blue fully meets your demands. We are not offering a passing vogue. Our classical clothing is an uncompromising combination of style, quality and function. Made to last.

We only use pure natural materials and never lose sight of the concept. We can and will not mix artificial materials into our knitwear. Instead of feeling confined, we challenge and play with structures. Thanks to interesting patterns, surprising surfaces arise. Bringing depths to life. Awaking your clothing and giving them personality. Most of the collections are even limited and numbered 1-500. They deserved the best. Treat them as your beloved ones.

Our exclusive collections are worn by all kinds of people – women and men, young and old. Everyone is sharing our simple philosophy: Clothing has to fit the body but also the lifestyle. Enjoy the movement: Don’t exclude your luxury knitwear from your active lifestyle!

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